Forms, Policies & Handbooks

If you are in need of additional assistance from an EPS Staff Member, please view our staff contacts below.

Special Authorizations and Overflow Policy - All special authorizations or overflows must be approved by the instructor of the course first.  After the instructor has approved the student to take the course via email, the instructor should forward the email to Aishah Cowan ([email protected]) in order for the authorization to take place.  The student will be sent an email to their GSU student email account informing them that they can now register for the course. Chair Signature Policy - The Chairperson has a special mailbox in the departmental mailroom for students needing the Chair's signature.  Place the document in the "For Chair's Signature" folder along with the student's contact information.  The Chair signs documents regularly.  The student will be notified once the document has been signed and readied for pick-up. Continuous Enrollment Policy - Graduate students must be enrolled for a minimum of six semester hours per year.  This calculation is continuously performed by viewing the upcoming semester, the present semester, and the previous semester.

If you are in need of additional assistance from an EPS Staff Member, please contact a staff member below.

Aishah Cowan Title: Administrative Coordinator, Student Admissions Phone: (404) 413-8273 Email: [email protected] Responsibilities: Answers admissions questions and information, and updates registration overrides and overflows that have been approved by the course instructor
Donnie Fisher Title: Administrative Coordinator Phone: (404) 413-8290 Email: [email protected] Responsibilities: Collects course syllabi
Kimberly Moore Title: Business Manager Phone: (404) 413-8256 Email: [email protected] Responsibilities:  Resolves office management issues, answers questions regarding Graduate Research Assistantships, and distributes possible travel money for scholarly presentations
Jeffrey Stockwell Title: Administrative Coordinator Phone: (404) 413-8274 Email: [email protected] Responsibilities: Updates course schedules
Student Assistant, Front Desk Main Phone: (404) 413-8030