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Doctoral icon Educational Policy Studies (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies allows students to examine the philosophy and practice of education and to develop skills in both the methodology and the study of educational practice. Students will prepare to become policy makers and examiners of policy and the effects of policy on education.

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The broader requirements of the Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies offer students the opportunity to link their programs of study with broader social and educational issues in such areas as race, gender, leadership, and policy. The faculty offers two concentration options for students to complete: Research, Measurement, and Statistics or Social Foundations of Education.

The concentration in social foundations of education is designed for those who want to develop interpretive, normative and critical perspectives of educational theory, policy and practices. This program incorporates a number of disciplines into its structure, including history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, political science and cultural studies. In addition, students learn to link this program of study with broader social and educational issues in such areas as race, gender, leadership and critical policy.

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