Research, Measurement and Statistics

Our Program

The Research, measurement and statistics program trains educational researchers. This program is composed of two research stands: quantitative methodology and qualitative methodology. Students choose one of these strands to become an expert in their chosen methodology. Those in the first strand use statistical methods to examine various aspects of educational policy and their influences on students. Those in the second strand often define education and its policies more broadly, examining social discourses that produce and reproduce social inequities.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from the research, measurement and statistics program pursue a variety of careers. Some graduates continue on to become academic researchers at institutions such as The University of Georgia, The University of Pretoria and Kennesaw State University. Others find employment in government agencies, such as The Center for Disease Control and Prevention; while others work for private or corporate research institutions. A few graduates choose to stay in the classroom, using their education to directly benefit children in our schools.