graduate programEducational Leadership M.Ed. and Add-on Program

Georgia State University’s M.Ed./Add-on program is designed around a set of academic and site-based experiences that provide knowledge and skills for candidates seeking a stronger understanding of the dynamics of educational leadership.

This self-select program leads to Tier I leadership certification in Georgia and couples traditional, online, and hybrid classes with a minimum of 300 hours of site-based experience.

This design gives students a comprehensive understanding of beginning leadership concepts and activities.  Students develop the dispositions required to lead school and district improvement efforts by engaging in an innovative program that focuses on linking theory, research, and practice in order to positively impact student achievement.

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Course description and classes

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The Master's/Add-On Program leads to Tier 1 certification in Georgia if all program requirements are met. Tier 1 certification allows individuals to be qualified for the following positions: assistant principal, administrative assistant, or any other position requiring leadership certification below the level of principal, or leadership positions at the district level provided the holder does not supervise principals.
Yes. Candidates who successfully complete the program will be able to apply for the Tier 1 certification. For more information on licensure/certification, visit the PSC homepage.
No GRE Required for 22 Education Master’s Programs

In an effort to remove barriers to applicants applying to the College of Education & Human Development graduate programs, with a primary focus on its educator preparation and teacher leadership master’s programs, a university special committee, appointed by the Associate Provost for Graduate Programs, has approved the removal of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as an admission requirement for 22 master’s degree programs. For more information on how to apply, please visit our Graduate Admissions page.

Applicants must submit their application for the upcoming terms to qualify for the new policy change.

Master's, specialist or doctoral level degree AND Georgia certification, minimum graduate GPA of 3.25 or higher, Two letters of recommendation (one must be from a school administrator), and two official copies of transcripts from every higher education institution attended.
(1) 36 semester hours, (2) successful completion of a standards based portfolio, (3) job-embedded clinical practice, (4) Educational Leadership GACE, and (5) Ethics Pre and Post Assessments.
(1) 18 semester hours, (2) successful completion of a standards based portfolio, (3) job-embedded clinical practice, (4) Educational Leadership GACE, and (5) Ethics Pre and Post Assessments.
A sample program of study can be found below.

Year 1

*EPEL 7330 Law, Policy, and Governance (3)
*EPEL 8970 Seminar in Educational Leadership (3)

*EPEL 7020 Leadership in a Diverse Society (3)
*EPEL 7680B Practicum Seminar: Action Research for School Leaders (3)

*EPEL 7000 Educational Leadership and Organizational Culture (3)
*EPEL 7410 Instructional Leadership (3)

Year 2

EPEL 7680A Practicum Seminar: Data Analysis and School Improvement (3)
EPSF 7450 Curriculum Foundations for Educational Leaders (3)

EPEL 7500 Management and School Operations (3)
EPRS Professional Studies (3)

EPSF Professional Studies (3)
EPY Professional Studies (3)

*Courses for the M.Ed. Add-On Certification

Transfer hours for the master's degree in educational leadership M.Ed. are reviewed on an individual basis. Candidates seeking transfer credit should contact Dr. Nick Sauers at [email protected] and be prepared with a course description, syllabus, and official transcript. Courses will only be considered for transfer credit if they are five years old or younger.

For more information, please contact
Dr. Nick Sauers at [email protected].

Program Contact

Program Coordinator: Program Faculty:
Dr. Nick Sauers
[email protected]
Also email [email protected] for general questions

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