Research & Scholarship

As members of the College of Education & Human Development, we demonstrate scholarship and research as a means to connect theory and practice.  We seek opportunities to expand our knowledge and perspectives through student, faculty, and research exchanges that cross disciplinary, institutional, and geographical borders.  We recognize scholarship and research activities that are relevant to the study of educational problems derived from the traditional, new, or emerging epistemologies. We engage in quantitative methodologies with an emphasis on statistical analysis and measurement theory; and in qualitative methodologies with an emphasis on ethnography, narrative, and auto ethnography.

EPS Faculty and their research interests:

Dr. Jami Berry

Leadership in high needs schools, developmental education, and the cohort model of instruction

Dr. Deron Boyles

School-corporate nexes, epistemology, pragmatism and the philosophy of John Dewey and critical theory

Dr. Kristen Buras

Critical theory, critical race theory, cultural studies, educational policy and reform in urban contexts, history, curriculum, educational movements on the left and right, education in the US south and global south

Dr. Patricia Carter

Multi-cultural education, social and cultural foundations of education, cultural studies in education, and gender politics and policy of education

Dr. Bill Curlette

Meta-analysis, survey research, program evaluation, stress coping, and Adlerian psychology

Dr. Jennifer Esposito

Urban education, popular culture, race, gender, class, and sexuality identity negotiation

Dr. Kevin Fortner

School and student performance

Dr. Janice Fournillier

Teaching and learning in non-school contexts, scholarship of teaching and learning, teacher education and professional development, program evaluation using qualitative research methodologies, Qualitative research methodologies

Dr. Sheryl Gowen

Program evaluation, survey research, and policy analysis

Dr. James Kahrs

Leadership in instructional supervision, the cohort model of instruction, internships, principal induction and development

Dr. Jodi Kaufmann

Narrative, auto-ethnography, the re-production of gender, the relation between theory and knowledge production

Dr. Joyce King

The role of cultural knowledge, diaspora literacy and heritage knowledge in teaching and teacher preparation, Black teachers’ emancipatory pedagogy, curriculum change, black studies theorizing in education/Black education, and global education

Dr. Richard Lakes

Educational policy, workforce development, critical pedagogy, and globalization

Dr. Hongli Li

Educational measurement and quantitative methods, cognitive diagnostic modeling, assessment of English language learners, and language assessment

Dr. Chris Oshima

Educational measurement and statistics, especially in the areas of Item Response Theory and Differential Item Functioning

Dr. Nick Sauers

K-12 leadership, school technology leadership, and social media in schools