Ryan Maltese

Dr. Ryan Maltese awarded a fellowship with the University Innovation Alliance

Dr. Ryan Maltese, 2016 Ph.D. graduate in Social Foundations, was awarded a fellowship with the University Innovation Alliance (UIA) as a project director/UIA fellow.

Maltese states, “I am actually really excited and happy about the new role. It’s a lot of work (moving parts galore), but it’s super challenging and really pushing me to bring out my best every day.”

He describes his position as one who supports the work of the University Innovation Alliance (UIA) and Georgia State University’s student success initiatives.

He says that he’ll be helping to “identify new solutions to problems,” which helps students “have access to and graduate with a high quality, affordable bachelor’s degree.”

He added, “In addition, the position assists in directing more than $40 million in grants awarded to Georgia State for increasing student success programs and outcomes.”

GSU is a founding member of UIA, a national consortium of large, public research universities.

“The UIA is designed, organized and led by the presidents and chancellors of its 11 member institutions, and it spans the spectrum from emergent institutions to land grant universities and state flagship schools to improve student outcomes, especially for low-income and first-generation students,” he said.