GERA award

Congratulations to our students on their GERA award!

GERA award

Congratulations to two of our students, Thais Council and Adrian Neely. Their co-authored paper received the Georgia Educational Research Association Outstanding Student Research Award (GERA).

The paper titled, That was Then, This is Now: A Comparative Analysis Juxtaposing Brown versus Board of Education with the Opportunity School District, won on October 7, 2016.

Council and Neely are doctoral students in the College of Education & Human Development. Council studies social foundations of education. Neely was also involved with the Health Policy Research Scholars program.

Council cites several faculty who helped the students achieve success with their paper.

Dr. Janice Fournillier provided comparative analysis resources. Dr. Kristen Buras critiqued the paper.

“Dr. Buras made sure it was coherent and accurate. She also informed us of publication venues,” said Council.

Dr. Joyce King was “always pushing us to see what is possible,” she said. “She helped us with the language of justification that informs such policies.”

Drs. Deron Boyles and Nadia Behizadeh also aided in critiquing the paper.

“As you could imagine, Adrian and I are very excited that our hard work was acknowledged and awarded!” she said.